Product description and details

Rawlings P130HFL 13" Glove

  • Standard fit
  • Professional H Fabric
  • Zero impact palm pad
  • Multiposition glove
  • From 12 years

Designed for recreational players of different ages and skill levels, the Player Preferred™ series of gloves feature high-quality oiled leather shells for quick and easy break-in, along with leather laces for durability and strength. With popular patterns and styles, the Player Preferred™ series seamlessly covers baseball and recreational leagues.

Quality full-grain leather for durability Zero Shock™ palm padding for impact protection Enhanced fit with pull strap and Velcro® strap closures Quick and easy break-in for a game-ready feel.

Picture of Rawlings P130HFL 13" Glove
  • Color: Brown.
  • Size: 13".

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Rawlings P130HFL 13" Glove